At Say-Hello, we believe in the transformative power of a simple hello. Our not-for-profit initiative is dedicated to fostering connections and promoting mental well-being through impactful gestures. Founded with a vision to combat social isolation, Say-Hello encourages human-to-human contact in any language. Our approach is simple – encourage, educate, and build connections, starting with a hello. Join us on this journey towards a more connected and compassionate communities.

Say-Hello today, and let’s ignite conversations that matter.


Our Impact

Say-Hello’s impact extends throughout communities, breaking down societal barriers, and fostering connections globally. We collaborate with schools, corporations, and community groups, leaving a tangible mark on diverse communities. Our commitment to social impact is also reflected in the innovative Say-Hello merchandise line, allowing individuals to wear their hello proudly while supporting our initiatives.


We inspire individuals to take that first step in building connections. A simple hello is the starting point for endless possibilities.


Collaboration is at the heart of our educational initiatives. From schools to corporations, we believe in educating through the power of conversation on critical issues like bullying, discrimination, and homelessness.


We aim to build a more connected and compassionate world. Through community events, collaborations, and diverse initiatives, we strive to create positive change, starting with the power of one word.

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Why us

At Say-Hello, we’re not just about greetings; we’re about making a meaningful difference in the world. Here’s why you should choose Say-Hello:

Encourage, Educate, Build: Say-Hello operates on three pillars – Encourage, Educate, and Build. We inspire individuals to connect, educate through collaborations, and build a more connected and compassionate world.

Wear Your Hello: The Say-Hello merchandise line is not just about products; it’s a statement. From shirts and hats to NFC-enabled items, every purchase supports our initiatives, allowing you to wear your hello and spread the message.

Join the Movement: Say-Hello leverages the power of social media to inspire positive conversations and engage our growing community. Join the movement and become part of a community committed to creating connections.